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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
This is all soccer goalies? Damn. I have two. I've had three at once a couple of times while I worked a new goalie into the mix, but it wasn't very long. Cerno's getting older though, so maybe I should think about adding another. You and Obryantj now have young stud goalies. I hate feeling left out.
I was at 5 until I sold one today. He wasn't great, but I expected to get more than the 900k that I received. 15, 6/6, 456 OR, 95/95/70/72/63 (G/P/T/S/H) Q's.

Looking forward, Cheney doesn't compare favorable with the others. However, he's in no danger of dropping CL this year so I'm not in a rush to sell him. Of course, if I string 3 camps together like I'm planning, Spicer will be near or over 1000 OR (if he doesn't get injured).

Obryantj, when's the last time you updated that facility spreadsheet thing you used to post?
I went ahead and did it today just for you:

Team            Total Spent on Facilities and Arena
1.FC Corona	        2,673,075,000
Boilermakers	        1,854,040,000
Bombsville Atomics	1,843,040,000
High Headerz	        1,512,875,000
Arlington Betamax	        1,419,687,500
The Fakeballers	        1,300,377,500
Psychos	                1,115,450,000
Chicago Firehoses	        1,103,112,500
Bleeding Wildcats	        1,082,947,500
FC Corsairs	                1,058,150,000
Grissons United	        1,050,347,500
Baton Rouge Bombers	1,034,682,500
Mouth Breathers	        1,000,802,500
Bob Jones	                   982,350,000
Arsenal F.C.	           935,550,000
Phenomenon FC	           930,215,000
Montana Miners	           844,607,500
Team USA	                   827,175,000
Magic Kicks FC	           824,950,000
Bayern Munich FC	           815,875,000
Tottenham Spurs	           721,902,500
The Big Cigars	           607,805,000

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