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11-08-2012, 05:09 PM
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Uh.... no, sorry. It's not a sure bet. Even Winnipeg's not a sure bet. One successful year =/= guaranteed longtime stability. Who knows what'll happen once the new team smell wears off? Pretty logical assumption that they are in for the long haul, but not guaranteed.

Same for Quebec City. It's a fairly safe assumption that the Nordiques2.0 would be a successful franchise, but still an assumption. Perhaps a stronger one than Houston, but an assumption nonetheless.

And Houston would be good for the NHL just from the fact that it's a massive untapped market and would make for a sensible geographic rivalry for Dallas, which it's never had before. Of course, it could all go to hell, but one would have to imagine that if it was intelligently run it would be a successful franchise, much like Dallas was before that went to hell when their old ownership overextended and bought Liverpool and suddenly found out that he didn't have the money necessary to run everything he was involved in.

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