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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Yes, but there's a difference between a small Canadian market and a small NHL market. In terms of likely revenue generation, even smallish Quebec City and Winnipeg will probably bring in more than many significantly larger American markets.

If we were talking about Saskatoon, I'd agree with you that even the overwhelming love for the sport that Canadians have wouldn't be enough to float the boat given how small it is. But Quebec City likely is, especially as they'd be the only game in town.
To add to those points, while the city is small, the province as a whole is not. Quebec is larger than US states like Washington, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Yet, unlike those jurisdictions, the province has a mere two professional sports teams.

A team in Quebec City would almost certainly reach out to hockey fans beyond the city's metropolitan boundaries. There's no reason why Trois-Riveres or Saguenay cannot be solidly Nordiques blue over Habs red, especially given the role of PKP and his media empire in the potential franchise. For that reason, it is important to distinguish between the local market and the TV market.

There is no indication that a team in Quebec City could not be successful in the long-term. While I am not necessarily against putting a team in Houston sometime in the future, it would be irresponsible to do it at the expense of Quebec City. The NHL needs stable markets. Now is not the time to be taking more risks in large American markets with little mainstream hockey culture.

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