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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
And how do you define "suck"? On ice product? Off-ice management?

Why does Florida lose $7 million with revenues of $81 million, yet Columbus has operating losses of $13.7 million, with similar revenues? (based on Forbes' #'s). I'm really asking because I'm curious, not being a smart-ass.

Would revenue sharing actually do anything to remedy these discrepancies?
probably has alot to the travel from one confrence to another....

clb has to travel all over the west......Fla is limited therby their travel costs are less.

that is the big reason det and clb want to move to the east confence...less money and wear and tear.

ideally when they get to the nitty gritty of negotations... they will approach the new format again of 2 confrences and 2 divisions(7 and 8 teams) your divsion 5-6 times play everybody outside of your division twice.....will probably decrease travel costs

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