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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
How? Quebec is going to fill its barn every night anyway, quoth the Quebecois, and every eye on the island is going to be fixated on every single meaningless game no matter what. What does the rivalry add to that? Do the Montreal Canadiens need help getting attention and ad revenue?
There would be a little flag or two, or four, on every single car in this province and a couple million people wearing Habs or Nords gear if there is ever a playoff series between Qc and Mtl. The rivalry would be absolutely and completely insane and a complete cash cow on top of drawing attention from the rest of the league as well.

And the Quebec market is not just Quebec city, there were many, many Nordiques fans everywere in the province and even a couple in the maritimes. With the correct marketing approach they could get all of them back and then some. Furthermore it would be the only major sports team in town and Qc city is currently one of the most dynamic cities in north america, has good growth and low unemployement. The city is much different than it was 15-20 years ago.

EDIT : Just saw the post about the Montreal corruption scandal. As far as I've heard theres been nothing about Quebec city so far. I'm not naive enough to claim there has been absolutely no corruption here but it doesn't be as bad as Montreal. Things simply appear to get done better in Quebec City, we've had many major successful highway modifications in recent years and I haven't heard anything about excessive construction costs or delays either. In Montreal the infrastructure has been completely falling apart even if the whole system is frankly pretty minimalist for big city like that. I don't care its an island and more difficult to organize fluid transport, its a complete and utter mess.

Originally Posted by GordonGraham
A small market like quebec city/winnipeg can get 2-3-4-5-10 times more money for local tv rights than "big" markets like dallas/miami/phoenix/houston.......
Indeed. Recently launched TVAsports is pretty much destined to show 82 Nordiques game. It would be pretty incredible with their rival RDS showing 82 Habs games.

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