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Skyfall (2012), directed by Sam Mendes: This must be the least bombastic Bond plot in history. After an opening sequence that is a real dandy, Skyfall becomes a relatively straightforward story of one rouge spy's quest for revenge against those who he believes wronged him in the past. Great Britain and its spy agency M16 look threadbare, like they have seen far better days, and so it is no wonder that Bond looks a little over the hill, too. This risky approach represents something of a change of pace for the series, but it results in a very entertaining movie. What wins out here isn't so much the modest story as the style in which it is told. Mendes' direction is gorgeous; the movie is beautifully shot from start to finish by cinematographer Roger Deakens. It helps that Craig is really on his game and gives a fine performance and that Javier Bardem downplays his villain's menace and just has fun with the role. But it is the look of the film that makes it a memorable and a worthy addition to the Bond canon.

Top Ten 2012 so far

1. Amour, Haneke, France
2. A Simple Life, Hui, Hong Kong
3. Rhino Season, Ghobadi, Iran
4. No, Larrain, Chile
5. A Royal Affair, Arcel, Denmark
6. Oslo, August 31, Trier, Norway
7. Tabu, Gomes, Portugal
8. Skyfall, Mendes, US
9. Norwegian Wood, Tran, Japan
10. Mekong Hotel, Weerasethakul, Thailand

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