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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... well, if its true that Jamisons' playing to the pro Arena Management Fee Councillors, a vote possible on November 27th and it does manage to pass, theres going to be Hell to pay. The voters approved the tax increase sure enough, afraid they'd lose basic services, major cutbacks in Fire & Police etc, but that vote shouldnt be misinterpreted as also approving $320M+ in payments to GJ.

The timing is also curious, as I believe thats American Thanksgiving is it not? A time when people have a lot of other things on their minds, a short break, time spent with family, travel. So lets say they put it on the Agenda on Friday the 23rd, or leave it late & release it on Monday the 26th, no warning, no time for people to rally, then hammer it through on the Tuesday night. I dont know what recourse the citizens nor the incoming Mayor & Council members might have.

I believe the Coyotes can succeed in Glendale, however, I dont believe the City of Glendale can survive under the terms of the Jamison agreement even with the approved tax increase.
I agree with what you've written.

I can't help wondering; however, exactly what would prevent the cynical signing off on a $320 AMF by a city council in transit?

Unethical and outrageous it would be, but what would be in place to override the passing of the AMF prior to a the newly elected city council taking over in January?

Would Elaine Scruggs, as the outgoing mayor, be able to sandbag any such vote until the new mayor rides into town?

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