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11-08-2012, 08:20 PM
Change is good.
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Sigh. And tonight's tweets are an example of sports reporters spinning facts to suit their own agendas. Leaving aside which side you may support or otherwise, please recognize:

1) Both sides chose not to leak the fact that they were (shockingly!) meeting at one of their lawyers' offices - and this was interpreted as some major "secret." They weren't in a ****ing bunker, they were conducting normal business meetings and chose not to share it with the rest of the circus.

2) The fact that it was the league's counsel's office: oooooooh. OMG, those *******s! "Hardly neutral" and clearly an example of the big, bad "man" trying to stick it to the poor, beleaguered players. No. It was simply a convenient place to meet agreed upon by both parties. It could just as easily have been the PA's lawyers' offices. Do you think the Fehrs would've agreed to go to Proskauer Rose if they thought it in any way disadvantaged them?

Talk about Brooksie and others trying to create a story to match their own desired narratives. Are you ****ing kidding me? The fact that they had a normal meeting in a normal office, but chose not to share, is a GOOD thing. It was undisclosed, not the Bat Cave. And, at the risk of being ridiculed for actually having been in big money meetings myself, of COURSE they were in one side or the others' lawyers' offices. Where did you expect them to be? The lawyers are already working on the deal and would be more than ready to clear 3 conference rooms for them. They would have any number of associates and paralegals lined up to fetch contracts, make copies, etc. They'd have communications to their various constituencies all set up and ready to go. How is this at all an intimidation play? Do you have visions of the PA contingent exiting the elevators and having to navigate a gauntlet of sleep deprived, out of shape 1st years booing and hissing on their way to the plush 43rd floor conference room? If anything, the league did the PA a favor by footing the bill for the catering!

Jiminy Christmas.

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