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Originally Posted by preissingg View Post
I can't help wondering; however, exactly what would prevent the cynical signing off on a $320 AMF by a city council in transit?.... Unethical and outrageous it would be, but what would be in place to override the passing of the AMF prior to the newly elected city council taking over in January?... Would Elaine Scruggs, as the outgoing mayor, be able to sandbag any such vote until the new mayor rides into town?
.... dont believe Scruggs could manage to pull that one off and Im guessing here, just shooting in the dark, but you'd have to figure the group behind the petition to have the tax increase included on the ballot earlier this week would act quickly & militantly in attempting to first stop the vote from even taking place. Perhaps try to seek an immediate injunction from the courts. I really dont know. But if a vote is held & it passes, that group and or the Goldwater Institute would Im quite certain be seeking to over-turn the agreement, filing suit on like the 28th of November.

Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
This truly is disturbing.
... it really is. Like I said earlier, just Gobsmacked at the beyond brazen temerity to even contemplate ramming this agreement through while the city is in a precarious & weakened state. Doubly so now as its in transition. Absolutely reeks!. The woman has absolutely no shame whatsoever. Acting like a Mortician "farming organs" from the dearly departed & selling them on the Black Market. Despicable.

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