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What I like about Tower is that he can turn his game up at any time he doesn't waste energy and is very clever, it is almost like he just blends in like a lion in a jungle waiting to pounce on its prey, you don't notice him and at the end of the game he has changed the out come and racking up points. For a guy his size 5' 8" 170 lbs he is very solid and not scared of the corners, his hockey IQ is very good , great skater and see's the ice very well. He has played 17 games 15 points not bad for a 15 year old goals and assist are split about even, in my mind that makes him a rounded player, 34 pms because he plays with high intensity and an edge.

Is he any better than Tompkins , Leblanc or Bower I don't know but if I had to pick one right now Tower would be the one , but the three I mentioned are good players as well .Compare him to Jacob he would be ahead of him in my books, Jacob has not played a game for one and his size if what I hear is correct 5' 6" 135 lbs that is just to small even with his skill level lets hope he grows.

Remember JMO
Good review... I haven't seen him in awhile. Some people have commented that he is falling back but doesn't sound like it.

It's well documented in this thread, I'm a big fan of Jacob and Tompkins, and Bower is really growing on me. I hadn't seen much of Bower last year, the year before I thought he was losing ground but he is on the upswing again. He and Tompkins were the best two forward at the U16 camp and he has played well so far this year for the Vito's.

Paul is playing well for Fredericton, he and Deschenes are the top 97 Dmen in my mind. Thompson is good but playing in the RNS hinterland so its hard to know how he stacks up right now.

What do you know of the other NS top players? Have you seen them play at all?

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