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11-08-2012, 08:47 PM
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This could still fall apart, but I’m ready to state that I believe there’s a better chance of a deal getting done than not at this stage.
From the NHL perspective, I don’t think Bettman can go to his owners where the only meaningful concession -- albeit a gigantic one -- is the players’ share going down to 50-50. The owners’ likely response would be that they were promised more than that in this deal.

And so, middle ground needs to be found on Make Whole, revenue sharing and player contract issues.

I wonder if this doesn’t come down to the player contract issues once there’s an agreement on Make Whole and revenue sharing. The league will fight hard to get some "wins" there. The elimination of back-diving deals (front-loaded) is a must for the league, and I don’t think the NHLPA will fight that one too much, but after that, I don’t sense the union willing to give much more in this area. The league will want more.

If Gary can get 50-50(with there being an agreement on the make whole)and getting rid of the dummy contracts,the NHL will have accomplished their top two objectives. The expanded revenue sharing helps the lower revenue teams. Stern got 57% to 49-51. He got tougher luxury taxes. He got another year in contract term limits. Expanded revenue sharing.

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