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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
I think I've figured out BG's personal hell.

I think I'd get along great with Carville, he's a total badazz. Probably Richard Dreyfus too, smart guy. One guy in there I dont recognize. I live on the UWS, if you think I cant get along with (very) liberal people, you'd be mistaken. Only place more extreme-left would likely be San Francisco I imagine. Look at the sociopolitical research. Conservative people can often get along and not be bothered by liberals. It's the reverse that's typically the challenge.

Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
So, BG, you're saying that someone who has money and believes in tolerance but doesn't live in the ghetto is a hypocrite?

Matthews lives there because that's where really rich people live. And it shouldn't be a shock that affluent suburbs are majority white, because really rich folks tend to be white. The hypocrisy would be if he talked about inclusion and then secretly wanted to keep his town whitewashed. I don't think he'd move if more black or brown people got rich and moved in.
No, you missed the point. He SAID he lives in DC, a really black area. False, he lives in the most white area of that region. Not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th, the most. And I dont know how much time you've spent in that area (it's actually really nice), but there are PLENTY of rich areas down there with great diversity. It's a diverse area.

But you're right in that it doesnt matter. However, keep in mind, this is a guy who will call you "racist" is you're a white person who says they like hockey, but just arent into the NBA. Do a google search of him and that subject. You would NOT believe the outlandishly ridiculous things he's called "racism" or people (nearly always Republicans) that he has called racist for things that have nothing to remotely do with race. He's like a McCarthiest of race. In fact, I think I just created a brilliant term, "Racial McCarthyism" - that's Chris Matthews.

EDIT: Did a GOOG search, people have used that term before. Oh well.

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