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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
I still believe GJ was in Glendale meeting with the TO but he must have had some contact with the pro Coyotes COG council members.
... confirmed by Clark that he did meet with pro AMF factions at City Hall. As for the Tohono's, Man, Im surely hoping our speculation on that ones correct. Make for a more than interesting reveal if it ever gets that far.

Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
I could be wrong but that sounds illegal. The new mayor is not sworn in until January 2013.
... I dont really know what to make of that suggestion, that the incoming Mayor somehow inserts himself into the still sitting Council's process in attempting to sandbag/subvert a vote through the offices of the interim City Manager. The intimation given that in doing so, "might go well for you in terms of your future here with the city Son". Strikes me as more an offer to participate in an "indictable" offence as opposed to "incentive" for the likes of Horatio Skeete nes pas?

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