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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
I still believe GJ was in Glendale meeting with the TO but he must have had some contact with the pro Coyotes COG council members. All speculation.
I'll give you that he could've possibly met with the Tribe. I'm beginning to believe that they do have some stake in the matter, small to large. Remains to be seen (or revealed) though. However, I'm more convinced that the crux of this meeting was with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse to shore up the next steps. Even meeting with Tindall (with Clark and Frate in tow) to see what challenges in the City's Charter could be brought forth to stall the deal.

They must of liked what they heard as they are proceeding most riki-tik to blitzkrieg this vote. Perhaps (defer to CF here) the possible challenges from within are too weak or of little substance and that the main threats of challenge lie outside City Coucil. Or the ultimate nuke... the Alvarez/Scruggs envoked Fraud and Collusion card. Are they willing to resort to scorched-earth tactics? Burn the entire house down with everyone in it, including themselves? Beasley the scapegoat? All entirely speculation on my part.

A microscopic puff of smoke to your TO Tribe thing. You have to take these things with larger grains of salt (as with a vast majority of polls) but I found this today:

New poll results indicate most Glendale voters support casino

A poll taken between Sept. 21 and 30 of 600 registered voters in Glendale shows 68 percent support or strongly support the proposed Tohono O’odham West Valley Resort/casino and believe it would be beneficial for Glendale.

The poll was conducted by Behavior Research Center, and spokesperson Jim Haynes said roughly 100 registered voters in each of the six council districts participated.

A similar number of voters, 66 percent, said they want the City of Glendale to quickly work out a deal with the Tohono O’odham Nation so the project can move forward.

In addition, respondents were asked if Glendale was headed in the right or wrong direction. They were asked if it was really on the wrong track.

In response, 47 percent said the city was seriously off track.

Just 27 percent thought the city was going in the right direction.

Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
This really does speak volumes of how the NHL is willing to do business as GJ is hand picked by L'ill Gary.
I'm going to go another route with this. I'll buy into the theory that GJ was there at the behest of the League as well. Notsomuch in a snake-oil salesman way to overwhelming kick ethics and morals to the curb. No, I believe he was there also as the messenger. To report back to the League the likelihood of this being cascaded thru as it directly impacts not only the current CBA negotiations (Likelihood of subsidy translating to value of revenue sharing +/-), but the finalization of it all. Either way it turns out.

Contingencies reaffirmed.

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