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05-19-2006, 06:36 PM
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Offseason plan (in order of importance)

-Goaltending goaltending goaltending! Just get the best available goaltender, any of Nabokov, Giguere, Denis would be the best goalie we've ever had. I want no part of Hasek.
-Trade Alfredsson. Worst team captain/post season choker in history. I thought he was a legitimate Hart candidate for much of the season but enough is enough.
-Sign Chara. People forget all too quickly how Ottawa used to get pushed around. Broken/bruised hands heal; he'll return to form.
-If Alfie stays, which I am 85% sure he will, then Redden walks. Chara will get 6+ million, easy, and assuming our new goalie eats another $2+ million of cap space I don't think we can afford him.
-Trade Smoke for a 5th rounder. He had an OK season and a tradeable contract. Varada - gone. Arnason - gone.
-Sign Havlat to a 3 year $9.5 million contract, marvel as he scores 40+ goals.
-McGrattan proved his worth when he broke Domi's beak. Hopefully he can improve as a player but I'm happy to keep him in our lineup.
-Fisher, Vermette, Schaefer signed to 3 year contracts. Kelly, Neil, Eaves, Volchenkov, Phillips are all keepers.
-Pothier proved he is an asset if used right, try to keep him.
-Emery needs to improve to become even an average backup at this point. If he doesn't show improvement find a more reliable backup. Let's never get out-goaltended again in the playoffs.
-Kaigodorov and Mirnov are ready to come to North America. Kai comes highly recommended and I think will be productive.

Ideally Alfredsson would be traded for something like Giguere and Kunitz . We still need a first line LW; for now, Eaves is on the top line.

Eaves Spezza Heatley
Schaefer Fisher Havlat
Vermette Kaigodorov Neil
Mironov Kelly McGrattan

Chara Phillips
Mezaros Volchenkov
Schubert Pothier


Total ($): I'm realistic, and would guess that Muckler and Murray stay and they'll attempt to keep this team together. Myself, I'd try to work a trade for Luongo or Hartnell with Alfredsson.

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