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11-08-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
Speaking of Football, I'll say that the lockout has made me appreciate football so much more.

I was never a fan beyond hoping the NY teams do well, but not really caring if they don't. But now I'm watching the Giants and Jets most most every sunday and it's been a lot of fun. Makes me wish I followed the sport forever. I guess it's not too late though.
I think Football is purely a game of confusion. Not the actual gameplay but the idea of football. It's once a week and the majority of games are on Sunday so of course it gives you a good feeling, it's the weekend. Many people get together to watch the game because it happens in a time when the weather is cold and not many people are outside in most regions. It's a reason to drink beer in the afternoon. It's associated with Thanksgiving. I don't think Football as a game is at all interesting, but as a social event it tricks you in to thinking it's a great game. So many breaks and pauses gives you plenty of time to do shots, socialize, go to the bathroom. Whatever you need to do.

So I think you sure re-examine your actual thoughts on the game play lol...

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