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11-08-2012, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
That's exactly what I wrote, TL. Scruggs had been a major supporter. The question is, what turned her against Beasley and the Jamison deal? Reading between the lines, her major public complaints have been Beasley's secretive work, his refusal to provide information on the real costs of managing the arena, and Jamison's refusal to communicate with her. In addition to that, she seems to have become particularly sensitive to cutting jobs and services as the financial crisis settled in and forced Glendale to choose budget priorities. Maybe there were other issues as well, but something turned her from "pro" to "anti-". In any case, it is one of the more interesting sub-plots to the saga. Why did Scruggs turn?
It's extremely puzzling when Scruggs was on TV not a year ago claiming the initial Jamison deal was the best one of the three she'd seen to date.

Clark was on the radio again today and was asked what she thought about it. You can listen to it at the link below (they put the segment at the top of the home page for now) and draw your own conclusions. Note that Clark openly states she and the mayor aren't the best of friends so people should take her opinions the proper context.

Clark also added that she along with some other CMs met with Jamison on Wednesday. And Jamison also met with "top city staff members" the same day. A vote tentatively could be scheduled for Nov. 27th. Provided they get all the particulars of the revised AMF deal posted by the 20th (to meet the 7 day window).

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