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Originally Posted by hero View Post
So the GTA fan base is expected to support...

1 NHL Team (Which makes about 50% of the NHL's income)
1 AHL Team
Way too many Major Jr.
And a handful of OHL teams?

With none ever slipping through the cracks?
Well, what if you thought about it this way. 8% of the Canadian population lives in Toronto proper, over 18% in the GTA. Theoretically, if hockey love was "uniformly ubiquitous" (don't think that's quite redundant) across Canada, Toronto/GTA "should" be able to support between 8-18% of ALL Canadian hockey from the NHL level down to the OHL/Major Jr. Seems to me that 18 teams total between those leagues is "under-representation", statistically/proportionally speaking, although barely depending on the level. 8-18% of 7 Canadian NHL teams is still basically just 1 team, for example.

Originally Posted by Puckclektr View Post
Those that say Toronto is a leaf town obviously do not live here. Toronto is an NHL town. We are not all leaf fans. I would say( playoff bandwagon jumpers aside) Toronto is at least 25% non leaf NHL fans. Many people don't care about the leafs until playoffs and are not considered true hockey fans IMO. Of that 25%. They are a mix of wings, Habs, oilers, penguins, bruins, flyers, hawks, etc. one reason why I think we need another NHL team here.
75% support in such a large, diverse, international city with very fluid population movement/migration is actually pretty good, imo.

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