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11-08-2012, 10:25 PM
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Wow... Listened to the "interview" she's a very cocky person considering she lost her seat. The guy interviewing her sounds like a complete ******, the whole interview is nothing but bashing Scruggs and how Clarke WILL make the vote happen come hell or high water.

Clark doesn't "think" the mayor can stall the vote. Just you wait, it will hit the fan Joyce then you'll be left with egg on your face. She infuriates me! Makes me want to go down there an give her a good slap.

Further she said "Mr Jamison guarentees 79 events a year including hockey" How can he or she guarentee that if there is another lockout? They can't.

Ohh and Fallar's at it again, ohh what will he do when his beloved Joyce is booted from her seat in the council chambers for good and his hockey team leaves town? Maybe he'll do something constructive and crawl back under his rock, what a turd.

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