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11-08-2012, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Oh brother, are you calling this a "hit piece"?

Maybe you've never seen an actual hit piece?

Here's a few things to look for:
1) The subject is not contacted for comment
2) Other sources are contacted, they say negative things about the subject
3) It's authored by a features writer, not the city beat reporter
4) It embellishes events disproprotionately
5) It includes a hit, you know, something injurious

So which part of the article, oh excuse me, which part of the "hit piece", exactly, is inaccurate and incomplete? Seems like standard reporting of another Glendale blunder from here. Perhaps the fringe needs to invent an evil plot de jour to help them cope with the battering Clark took at the polls?
There were a couple of details left out of that article CF.

Like.... the person who was running that committee while the alleged illegal transfers were taking place was a Scruggs appointee. Clark only came in recently to chair the committee in order to get to the bottom of the problems and fix them. That little detail was left out despite the fact the reporter was told that.

The article leaves the impression Clark was responsible for the illegal transactions because they came under her watch on the committee.... which wasn't true.

You of all people should know how easy it is to manipulate context. Whether or not the reporter for the AZRep intended for it to be a hit piece, it was turned into one by Chivira's campaign.

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