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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
I think the fact he was 18 has no importance.
almost every 18 year old does really stupid things do we judge everyone on what they did in their 18th year?

The guy tried to screw up an NHL institution (the Draft) to his advantage.

More like an innovation added onto the reserve clause that the owners instituted. The draft was clearly an NHL management and business move. Heck even the NHL has modified this institution from it's origins.

Funny why doesn't anyone ask why Wayne just didn't wait for his draft year and stay in the OHL. Didn't he screw over the Jr team that drafted him?

Borderlines candidates gets rejected on that basis (Tremblay), or gets to wait a REALLY long time (Mark Howe). Lindros is such borderline candidate due to longevity. And the draft thing was no grey zone like Michel Goulet. Besides, the Hall is supposed to consider "values".
Does Tremblay really get overlooked because of his going to the WHA or maybe they feel he simply isn't good enough. Same for Mark Howe. sure it's a Hall of values and at one time it was okay for some players to nearly kill other players.

The whole values and intangibles are really secondary to what a player does on the ice and for a 7 year period Eric was one of the best players in the league and a beast when he played.

I can actually see players asking to be removed from the Hall if Lindros gets in.
I guess it's possible but some Don Cherry type dinosaurs might have asked the same when Tretiak got in too doesn't really mean alot at the end of the day if either situation actually occurs IMO.

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