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11-08-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
TL I'm certain that there is a clause in which Jamison isn't held accountable in the event of a lockout. Besides the way the agreement is worded is terrible at best, you know he could pay and just move the team anyways right? Just you wait this saga is far from over unless the next move is immediate relocation to QC or Seattle.

A) The Coyotes should be moved, Glendale cannot support them. Fact, it has nothing to do with people wanting a team in QC, FWIW I don't care where they go as long as the rest of the league isn't subsidizing this black hole, which will continue to happen if they stay in Glendale. Even with GJ as an owner.

B) Joyce Clark is the epitome of an elected official, she is the scum of the earth looking out for her best interests instead of the well being of the constituents, don't try to feed me **** by telling me it's pudding. The only reason she is doing this is to shake things up, she is a sore loser, nothing more, nothing less.

You won't admit the Coyotes are done because

1) You're a Coyotes fan who can't handle the truth

2) GJ said it was happening, over 13 months ago.... It must be true. Hell even the best screen writters couldn't make this **** up.

Nothing more.....nothing less.
the 1 thing you're forgetting is this, ajmdd12: all the COG is required to charge is present a favorable lease, then the next step is vetting GJ to a BOG Vote, and the NHL leaves Glendale just as it did Pittsburgh, twice, and Buffalo after the Adelphia corruption collapse, unless there are unresolved issues from the BK Case.

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