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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
We're going that route now? Tell me you can see the difference between his situation and Lindros' situation. Gretzky did something Lindros didn't. He went to a team at the bottom of the standings and turned them into a dynasty. He didn't refuse to play for them.
It's simply sarcasm on my part, I'm kind of tired so maybe I didn't present it clearly enough but my main point is that it's absurd to say this about Wayne in much the same way it's absurd to put the amount of emphasis on Lindros as a whole based on what happened when he was 18, and younger and under the influence of his father.

Tretiak was, and still is, respected by Canadians. Look no further than the ovation he got in the opening ceremonies of Game 2 in the 1972 Series. The Torontonians cheered him when he was introduced. There was always a mutual respect with Tretiak even if we wanted to beat him. Nobody really should ever question his induction.

Once again I probably shouldn't post when tired but both situations would be absurd don't you think?

Although having said that I do know that you are one guy that treats the WHA guys with (I tired here so going with) some disdain so maybe Lindros gets the same treatment?

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