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11-09-2012, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
There were a couple of details left out of that article CF. Like.... the person who was running that committee while the alleged illegal transfers were taking place was a Scruggs appointee.
That's a strategic omission, according to you. One done intentionally to promote an anti-Clark agenda. That doesn't sound like grasping at straws at all. Hey, didn't you also say there were inaccuracies in the article? Where are they? Or did you give up trying to find them...

Clark only came in recently to chair the committee in order to get to the bottom of the problems and fix them.
She got to the bottom of the problems by receiving a report on October 4 and... ? What? What did she do, Legend? She fixed the problem by doing... nothing? Do you smell what you're shoveling yet?

That little detail was left out despite the fact the reporter was told that.
Told by whom? Do you have any evidence to corroborate this assertion? Or is it another nefarious activity from the shadow syndicate?

The article leaves the impression Clark was responsible for the illegal transactions because they came under her watch on the committee.... which wasn't true.
Impressions are subjective. I read the article and drew no such conclusion. Perhaps you want there to be a conspiracy to help you cope with the atomic thud left by Clark's re-election effort?

You of all people should know how easy it is to manipulate context.
Of course I know, Legend. I'm part of the conspiracy. According to you, I post messages all over the internet to advance my anti-Coyote agenda, because there is no such thing as copy/paste and no one has ever scraped my BoH content to use elsewhere without my permission.

Whether or not the reporter for the AZRep intended for it to be a hit piece, it was turned into one by Chivira's campaign.
Nice back peddle. A contender used the ineptitude of the current Glendale council against the incumbent? Wow, that sure is an evil plot. Or maybe it's the most predictable thing ever. Clark was the only one naive enough to run again. The others all retired rather than exposing themselves to the scrutiny of an election.

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