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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post

B) Joyce Clark is the epitome of an elected official, she is the scum of the earth looking out for her best interests instead of the well being of the constituents, don't try to feed me **** by telling me it's pudding. The only reason she is doing this is to shake things up, she is a sore loser, nothing more, nothing less.
The one thing I will give her is she is right that her term in fact doesn't end until a certain day and has the right and duty to serve until that date comes. I don't know why Lieberman bailed early, but people are supposed to stay until the end and work until the end.

That being said a couple of things:

1) the mayor did a 360? huh? A 360 means you wound up back in the same spot. I think you mean a 180. It was particularly funny that both her and one of the hosts said that. One is like "it seems like the mayor did a 360" and the other responds "she did do a 360"

2) "we have the experience with the situation blah blah" ok get off your high horse. I am pretty sure everyone who ran for council and got elected knows the situation and they probably talked to enough voters in the course of their campaigns to know what their constituencies want. Heck some of them ran with specific positions on the Coyotes situation and by winning they are pretty much expected to carry those out.

3) The Canadian media hasn't been ginning up controversy. Over the course of this debacle its been three different markets (Hamilton, Peg, and QC) that have been in the running for the team so you've probably had different waves of press. More importantly, the facts have been fluid and shifting so for every impending deal falling apart rumor that you want to blame Canada for there is a "the deal is about to close" rumor I can throw back at Clark.

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