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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
Agreed, when talking about two hockey players we should not take in to account the amount of fans they draw. Truth is that Ovechkin pretty much saved the Capitals franchise. That does not make him a better player tough.

I don't get why you say Ovechkin is not a team player? You have some insight about it? He is the captain, (even if i would have not chose him, but what do i know?) and the face of the team. He has been a stellar Playoff performer and i would not consider their playoff disappointment's his fault.
I don't think a captain should be benched at the end of important games. I also think a captain's play should lead a team. I do not like the way he has been playing these last two seasons. The game has changed and defensemen know what Ovechkin is going to do. Instead of trying to beat guys one on one he has to play more of a system and make sure he gets the puck down deep every shift. He also needs more responsibility. I said the same exact thing about Kovy when we first acquired him. Kovy changed his game dramatically and now he compliments the entire team. I find Ovechkins play to be selfish some of the time and I think his game needs more responsibility. When Lemaire first put Kovy on the PK two seasons ago everyone thought it was a bad idea. But it proved to be great because Ilya enjoyed the extra responsibility and became a better player. Now he gets regular time on the PK and gets played in key situations late in games while protecting a lead. Kovy even said he enjoyed being on the PK and it was fun. Maybe Oates will take some of the things he learned from Lemaire and Deboer on how to coach Kovy and apply it to Ovechkin.

I would be saying the same exact thing about Kovy if he didn't change. I like Ovechkin, I want to see him succeed and play to his fullest potential.

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