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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
You can still look at Corsi Relative to compare them to their own teammates. While that doesn't give you a league-wide view of how good they are, it does give you a sense of where they stand in relation to their teammates. I think that's probably all you really need anyway.

I could see using advanced stats to uncover overlooked gems, guys that are buried on 3rd/4th lines but have potential for more. I don't think it would be that useful for 1st and 2nd liners due to the nature of the junior game.
So if such a hypothetical system exists and works, it should suggest that Mallet was much more than just a 4th liner for Rimouski before breaking out, correct? Even if he never got the ice time to produce much before.

I thought it might be a potentially useful tool for finding underrated players, but I think you also make a good point in using it first by looking at guys on the same team - provided there's a way to figure out the other metrics - i.e guys who stand out in terms of possession but don't have big numbers to show because of limited opportunity.

So then the problem of comparing players across different teams (and leagues) still remains, when it comes to compiling your overall rankings. I also wonder how one adjusts for league difficulties, team qualities, coaching/system factors. How do you even decide what values to use for these? Interesting stuff nonetheless.

Btw, how do you figure out a player's Quality of Teammates if, say, one teammate is a 16 year-old playing his first game in the WHL? I guess this also goes for NHL rookies too.

Everyone says drafting is such a crapshoot. If VAN can figure out a way to reduce that uncertainty even just a little bit with these metrics - by spending money that isn't even capped to begin with! - and remove some bias and subjectivity out of the equation, we might gain an advantage at the draft.

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