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11-09-2012, 03:36 AM
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I've been playing hockey video games since N64 days up until NHL 10, after that I took a couple of years off. Then I was hanging at a buddies cabin about a month ago when one of our friends puts NHL 12 into the 360 and the three of us proceed to play head to head for 16hrs straight! I had a blast and remembered why I liked playing so much, so fast forward a couple of weeks I'm at the store and decide to pick up NHL 13. I said, I've been playing these games for literally 15 years, so while I'm not awesome I am a pretty decent player (I never actually lost during the 16hrs of playing...just sayin). I've certainly never struggled against out of the box AI. However when I play the AI in NHL 13 it's a freaking nightmare! Honestly it's not even fun, it just feels like the CPU has access to speed, power, control, etc. that I do not, almost like the game is rigged. I don't want to be "that guy" but man I swear the AI feels cheap beyond comprehension. I don't feel like I get beat because I'm doing something wrong, I feel like I get beat simply because the AI can go freaking Super Saiyan and I cannot!

I noticed a couple of posts complaining about a similar experience but I'm wondering is it just a few of us who for whatever reason are just not getting it yet or are there a lot of people frustrated with playing the CPU?!

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