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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Does a Norris Trophy mean jack when there are 6 teams? That's like having a Best Defensemen in the Central Division trophy.
LOL. Norris Trophy at that time was the exact same thing as it's now. The best defenseman in the NHL. The fact that you had 6 teams back then doesn't change it. It's okay if you value current trophies more, because there are more teams and you have much bigger talent pool competing. But Red Kelly was the best defenseman in the world in the early 50s. In other words... nobody was better than him, six teams or not.

Do you take into account the fact that Fedorov was ordered by Bowman to curtail his offensive game? Does that factor into his 65-point seasons?
I call that a BS. I can't imagine Bowman telling to Fedorov: "Listen Sergei, don't score too much. Take it easy."

Frankly, I don't see a point in such polls, if people can't appreciate what the old-timers did back then. Sure there were fewer teams and hockey was different. And if one wishes to think that modern players are so much better than 50-60 years ago, then they probably right. I mean... Filppula>Howe, Kronwall>Kelly, Howard>Sawchuk. But what's the point? None of those modern players are greater than those old-timers and probably never will be.

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