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11-09-2012, 04:57 AM
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What really annoys me about Supernatural is that the writes are fillercrazy. They should use Joss Whedon as a blueprint for how to make a show. (Read BUFFY)
That is what Doctor Who did and that worked out great. Buffy (post season 3/4) did not have many fillers. The story was written so that every episode played an important part in its main story, even if there was a "monster of the week" episode, it always contained important storyelements. So every episode is important. Atleast later in the series. The first seasons had alot of "fillers" while the later seasons did not have many at all.

Supernatural has failed to do that. 1 episode is about sam/dean. 3 fillers. 1 episode about kevin/crowley. 1 episdoe about sam and dean. Fillers again. 1 episode about sam and dean. Fillers again. Kevin/crowley is back. THis is how the show feels at the moment.


Garth is amazing and should get more screentime.

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