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11-09-2012, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
I don't think we'll stink as much as some think. I'm thinking between a playoff bubble team to a round 2 loser in the playoffs.

I don't think we'll get a top 10 pick through stinking but I really feel that MB will pull a deal using our 2nd rounders and whatever else to get a high pick.

From what I see of our prospect pool, we should be putting a premium on quality not quantity. We have tons of solid mid-level prospects but we really need another blue-chipper. I'm sure MB feels the same way.
The Habs need Markov to be in his regular form to give the Habs a shot at the playoffs. Price,Plekanec,Subban,Pacioretty all need injury free season and Emelin & Diaz hopefully don't have the sophomore jinx.With all of those players going,then the chances improve but the parity in the league especially in the Northeast is tough.Montreal making the playoffs is far from assured as it was in the past.Trading to acquire a Blue-chip player in the draft is putting all of ones eggs in one basket.In a draft this deep the Habs could draft four NHL players with their picks,so if the player they want is worth that amount then I'm sure Bergy, Dudley and Timmins will pull the trigger on the right deal.IMO.

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