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11-09-2012, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I don't think any Anglophone from outside of Quebec can necessarily be blamed too much for not wanting to move to the centre of primarily French Quebec back in '90/91, especially after the high profile violence in '90 with the Oka crisis, and being the last place team on top of that. But let's be honest, no one pulls that and "gets away with it" unless someone else thinks they're "worth it" and has a "legal" (certainly not "moral") route to go about it. I wish he had come to Quebec, because I probably would have gotten to see him play at least once here in Halifax before the Citadels went away.
You're probably not gonna learn anything of what I'd say, but...

Quebec (the city) is roughly 350 km away from Kanhesatake. Not only that, but the "high profile violence" (and, to be honest, it was WAY OVERBLOWN... actually, the "violence" thing was overblown) had nothing to do with French, or language for that matter. It was, like, White vs. Non-Whites.

Besides, it was probably more of a reluctance vs. small-market team. And Lindros daddy wanting more sponsor money.

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