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11-09-2012, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
Not all of them are, but there's quite a few, also you have the parents who are the: Bob's a star, Bob should be here... Bob... Etc.

I've dealt with that this year and last.
Originally Posted by SCBruCrew4 View Post
Yeah I'm hoping I never encounter too many of these parents
The worst is when those parents are also coaching. I've been a head and assistant coach to those types and seen a lot of stupid stuff. Had a head coach my first year that refused to give anyone but his own son extra minutes, even going so far as to take time from other kids (HUGE mistake, he never coached again).

I also had an assistant coach that wouldn't discipline his own kid but instead put it on me to do, yet encouraged him to disobey what I said when I wasn't around. This kid was young, highly talented but very immature and he didn't understand that being up 6 goals meant he couldn't break position (I kept him at defense to try and limit his ability to showboat) and score his hattrick goal. Almost got in trouble myself with the league because of that (we have a suspension policy for any team's coach that wins by 7 or more). Had to pull him from the game to make him stop.

tl;dr, Parents can be a real pain, but I still have had my worst moments with coaches that don't understand they aren't the most intelligent people at the rink. Have to remember it is about the players first, coaches second so do whatever you have to to prevent the situations from blowing up.

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