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Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
some owners put them self in a spot where they lose money. I'm all for honoring the contracts. Owners signed them, players should get their money.
We had guaranteed contracts and both sides have to honor this. Don't like that they get that much money? Don't sign contracts that guarantee them this much money. Pretty simple if you ask me.
The contracts were never gauranteed to begin with. They were subject to the CBA expiring and losses on escrow years. Money was deferred and not paid out up front. The contracts signed since 05 have never been gauranteed to be worth full face value. Also, any player, and more importantly their agents, signing before the 2010 playoffs knew the owners didn't like current CBA and would be looking for significant changes in it that were friendly to the owners. The players voted for automatic escalators too, it raised escrow deductions and bumped up the pot for those years' FA signings.

I'm all for honoring the contracts as they stood at the time of the signing complete with risk. If the players want full face value on their contracts, there are big problems on the way. The owners are not going to commit to paying more money than they did last year up front and the players have known (or should have) for years now.

This idea of the players asking the owners to "honor the contracts" with the implication that they pay full gauranteed value was a nice PR push for them with the fans and media but the reality is that it's just going to end up making everything worse and it was never going to influence the owners in my opinion. It appears many of the players really believe in it based on a number of rants and blogs and tweets, it scares me.

If the owners aren't receptive to the 2 player proposals, the "honor contract" thing is going to end up really hurting the players where it counts. There will be backlash on the way and it will take the PA some time to reevaluate.

I'm sure some of the garbage proposed by the owners contributed to these potential problems.

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