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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I think you're basing too much on his stats and not enough on his actual play.
He was pretty good in the first game but can you honestly say that he has been good the last 2 games?
I'm sure that the schedule and travel had something to do with it, his lack of chemistry of teammates, him being targeted by the opposition or even the coaching but the bottom line is that he has been a mess the last 2 games. It means nothing in regards to his NHL future but if you look at it through unbiased eyes, you can see that he's struggling out there.
In fairness to Yakupov, it seems that most players on both sides have been struggling outside of the MacKinnon-Huberdeau-Drouin combo in game 2.

I feel that Zharkov was more involved than Yakupov. He was engaging physically, showed excellent hustle and showed off some nice stickhandling skills. Nothing spectacular, just a nice, solid performance against the best of his peers.
I don't know what you expect from the kid. Ever since the first game in the series he's basically been shadowed.

He's done a pretty good job of quickly dishing the puck off to his teammates but they have shown a general inability to handle a quick hard pass. That's not on him, it's on them. Last night it looked like he got frustrated with his teammates and decided to carry the puck through the entire OHL team himself. Of course that didn't work.

What I've seen in the series so far are CHL coaches game planning around not allowing Nail any room out there. The only reason they are able to get away with that is no one else on Nail's line has been able to take advantage of the open ice created for them. It doesn't help that Nail has become accustomed to a higher level of play from his teammates in the KHL.

I'm sure he doesn't like his game at the moment either but there are a lot of reasons for his struggles, it will be really impressive if he can power through them.

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