Thread: NFL Draft: Race for 1st overall pick
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11-09-2012, 08:50 AM
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I wouldn't say that with such certainty. Leinart had Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith with Reggie Bush an explosive weapon receiving the ball as well. Fair to say those guys haven't become NFL superstars but at the college level that's a pretty awesome array of weapons. I think Leinart was hurt just like those guys actually in that I don't believe they had a professional mindset because I do think Leinart had the talent to play in the NFL.

Sanchez was only a full-time starter for one season, and that's easily forgotten, I thought he would bust from the start, not because he is from USC but because he just hadn't shown a whole lot and was picked more on reputation. And at receiver he had Damian Williams, Patrick Turner and "RoJo" Ronald Johnson. The latter two were extremely highly touted and coveted as recruits and had talent coming out their ears. Of course Turner and Johnson failed to fully come through whereas Williams has managed to become a reasonable NFL player. But again at the college level that receiving corps was insane. Those teams were the products of those years when Petey just swept the recruiting board in almost unprecedented fashion and routinely had high end 4 stars at the three deep and below.

Unless Woods and Lee become bona fide NFL star receivers, you can't really say Barkley has better receivers.

One thing I think is obvious that this USC team has a lot less depth than Carroll's teams and thus a lot more is asked from the starters. I don't think Barkley or the rest of the team have passed those tests with flying colors but then I can remember a fair few quarterbacks through the years who didn't do as well as previously expected as seniors (Matthew Stafford at Georgia for one).

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