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Originally Posted by Neely2005 View Post
Brampton is in the GTA. (Greater Toronto Area)

St. Mike's had to move from Toronto to Mississauga (Which is also in the GTA) and they're still second last in attendance, only ahead of Brampton.

Don Cherry's Mississauga Ice Dogs had to leave.

The Roadrunners lasted 1 season in Toronto.

The Marlies attendance has been lousy since returning to Toronto a few years ago.
There is a simple explanation. The Toronto Maple Leafs. How many junior teams survive in big cities with NHL teams? It's not a large number.

There are four teams in the entire CHL that exist in NHL markets.

Vancouver Giants, Calgary Hitman, Edmonton Oil Kings and the Ottawa 67's.

None of those teams have AHL, NHL, CFL, MLB teams all in the same city. They also don't have the second AHL, CFL, CHL, NHL within driving distances. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out. Hell, the very fact that Brampton and Mississauga have CHL teams probably hurts them both. Watch the Steelheads attendance rise significantly.

And the Marlies are well above the AHL average for attendance currently and have risen in attendance every year since being in Toronto. It takes time to build a following, especially in a city with so many sports offerings.

Plus Brampton and Mississauga are not Toronto. The GTA is different from Toronto itself. It's like saying that even though you live in Boston, you're actually a New York resident. They are part of the same megalopolis so it must be that...

But even if the twisted logic somehow held up, the Battalion leaving are not indicative of Toronto not being a hockey town. That's moronic logic.

Toronto has the largest minor hockey league in the entire world in the GTHL. They have 40 000 players registering every year.

Toronto not being a hockey town is like saying Nashville isn't the home of country music. It's not true.

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