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11-09-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
As opposed to the lesser pressure when we're bringing him in if we're down by 7, 14 or 21 points?

This train of thought makes no sense in my opinion. It's the ****ing playoffs. There will always be pressure. Let the kid start the game, get into rhythm and get his head into the game.

Putting Joseph is clearly just Reed being stubborn.

We need to pound the ball down the throats of Toronto if we want to win with Joseph. As a passer Joseph scares no one, but if we can open up space through having a run game, it might make it somewhat bearable.

Starting Joseph FFS Reed.
i'm with you brother.
I came on this mornnig to see if anyone could justify or defend Reed starting Joseph.
I see nobody could.
AJgass4 had the effort of "nerves might get to Nicholls"? I don't think it would happen. There is no pressure on nicholls. I think almost all of us would rather watch nicholls start, do his best and fail, than to risk the joesph "on a short leash" crapshow. Joseph would have more nerves knowing nobody but Kavis wants him starting the game.

I still think the esks will lose because the defense is banged up and I don't trust the secondary. also, Ricky Ray is ready to play and ready to kick edmonton butt.
and the esks have joseph to start.
I predict being down at least 10 points after the first quarter, with Joseph throwing ant interception as he forces a pass into an aggresive toronto secondary, and kavis making at least one clearly boneheaded coaching decision in the first half.

(I really would like the esks to win, I just don't think they will)

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