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11-09-2012, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
I kinda get a kick out of the titles based around Rousey being the first female UFC fighter. It's as if she is fighting a man.

Is Strikeforce going **** up or what? Really think the UFC already has too many fighters and it would've been nice to run the two as separte companies and have a crossover card once or twice a year.

Also WTF is with TUF finale and a Fox card the same day?
strikeforce will dissolve after the last january show. the only reason Zuffa kept the promotion on life support was because they were contractually obligated with showtime. The deal ends Dec 31st so they are finishing the last event on the contract and that is it.

the idea of having a cross over card is good but the talent pools just arent there to make it work. I would prefer if they had the 125/135/145 weighclasses some where else but thats more my preference.

I think we will see some great girl fights. I cant think of one i have watched that was not entertaining. I prefer it to the 125 males thats for sure.

I think they mailed the TUF in this season. LOL i watch mma religiously and i forgot they were even doing a season right now. the Fox card is boos though, I got my tickets and flights, as long as the weather holds up and no unforseen catatrophies happen it should be awesome.

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