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11-09-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
Well you are entitled to your opinion Gord, but I still think Reed has some football brains and if things go south in a hurry for Joseph, Nichols will see the ball.

If we stop taking stupid penalties and put a ton of pressure on Ray, this game may not be the blowout everyone is expecting.
It's pretty sad that everyone is expecting us to get blown out. I mean sure we've been pretty horrible but we're playing the Argonauts who arent exactly world beaters. Sure Ray had a good couple games near the end of the season but these guys arent exactly the class of the league, heck they're a .500 club without a winning record at home.

As for Reed, I like him as a motivator and a team first guy but he hasnt shown the ability to put together a winning game plan or change it up when things arent working and he's shown questionable judgement so many times this season. Maybe he can be a good head coach but I'm not sure he's ready for it at this level. Of course the Eskimos problems start higher up the food chain. I think they need a Football guy as president, you can always hire a marketing guy but fans respond to a good team much more than they do a good half time show.

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