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11-09-2012, 09:55 AM
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Article: The Prospect of Best Fit

There’s somebody out there for everyone. The 2013 NHL Draft is no exception.

With a draft as deep and diverse as 2013 has potential to be, it’s hard to imagine any team picking in the top 15 coming away disappointed. An impressive selection of skilled centers, playmaking wingers and mobile defensemen means that most teams should easily be able to fill their most pressing needs within the 1st round. This is my attempt at playing matchmaker.

The Task: Take all the non-playoff teams from 2011/2012 and pair them with the 2013 prospect that best fills their most pressing need. Or in other words, find the best “fit”.
Full article: http://backrowcornerseat.wordpress.c...t-of-best-fit/

Let me know what you guys think. I'm sure there'll be some disagreements. It's a bit difficult not knowing where teams will be picking. Obviously every team would love to have Mackinnon, Jones, Barkov etc, but I tried to identify the teams that need each player the most or where they would fit in the best.

Agree/disagree, let me know.

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