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11-09-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
To be quite honest, I highly doubt they're going to consider the EU at all. It will be, more than likely, completely destroyed and forgotten. Like I speculated before, I could see them looking at certain parts for inspiration, maybe some storylines(Jaina and Jacen's birth), some characters(Thrawn) and so on and coalesce them all into one story that makes mostly sense, but I doubt they follow the books 100%. Or even 50%.

And Fate of the Jedi is nothing to write home about. I have the first book and read it when it came out, and it was booooooooooring. Nothing happened. The entire book. And a few weeks back I read the entire series' plot summary on wookiepedia, and it really isn't all that great. Repetitive nonsense for most of it, it seems like. But hey, I could be wrong. Check 'em out.
Well if the treatment they are looking at was written by someone who is a fan of the series as a whole, and not just the movies, the EU could indeed remain intact, and this is what I am hoping for.

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