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11-09-2012, 10:09 AM
Lazar Beams
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What I don't understand is why players *don't* want a 5 year limit on contracts.

For the guys getting the long term contracts, this basically opens them up to two significant UFA periods during their career. Maybe three, if they can get the UFA age lowered to 26.

18-21 = ELC
21-26 = RFA
26-31 = UFA #1 (cha-ching!)
31-36 = UFA #2 (cha-ching!)
36-41 = UFA #3 (35+)

The only guys it "hurts" are ones like Gomez and Redden (who's NHL salary would theoretically count in the new CBA), and to a lesser extent Souray. I'm sure fans of the teams who signed those deals would be happier if their contracts expired after 5 years.

I guess it would also be bad for someone like DiPietro, but not sure if his contract was even insurable or not, but he's probably still getting paid.

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