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11-09-2012, 10:42 AM
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Donít for a moment think that player agents were not well aware that salaries in the future were, and are not set in stone and were unlikely to be maintained in the new CBA Iíve never actually seen one of these player contracts but Iím pretty sure the fine print would back the owners on this issue. If any agent did not inform the player of such, heís not much of an agent. Sure, some owners rushed to sign some players before the CBA expired. It was merely a smart business decision, a no-brainer, anticipating where the new CBA was headed. If Fehr and the Union started talks earlier, this fact would have been much more obvious, even to the uninformed player. Fehr knows this quite well but is being coy with the naÔve players and in doing so is misleading them. Just like his repeated mentioning of the concessions made in 2005, which are irrelevant in todays economic climate. If this season is lost, it is Fehr I blame.... just like Goodenow in 2004-5.

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