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11-09-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
Well, his sources are network executives. Network executives had close working relationships with Bettman dating to Bettman's NBA days. So, they are 'legit' in the sense that they have connections. However, one must suspect that those executives are getting their info from NHL people. So, the NHL wants us to think that hockey is coming. It's not that hard to figure out.

In any case, this is out:

The idea that the NHL wants a salary rollback *and* longer control over players is hard to bear. As I've asserted before, players should have the opportunity to opt-out of their current contracts.


This would never have appeared on tsn's website if Fehr didn't want it to.

If he did it for negotiating leverage, and that pisses off Bettman, watch-out. That little man (I can say that will freak out and this could get worse.

I don't see why this was made public. I don't have an issue with the internal communication per se, but the fact it's PUBLIC makes a difference. And I don't like it.

It's okay for them to disagree on concessions, issues, parameters around the deal. But this public "internal" memo - not good.

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