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11-09-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by JF55JF View Post
No, but I find it interesting that some parent would name their child after two members of the Musteldae family. Makes me wonder what his middle name is??? Mink?? Polecat??? Otter????

But that is way off topic

Back to Glendale. It is curious to see what sorts of response the general public will have if given an opportunity to speak before the vote (if we are to take Clarks word) on the 27th. I imagine there are going to be some fiery speeches.
Absolutely. If any Glendale city council meeting could ever be described as "can't miss" viewing, the one on November 27 seems to be the one. I expect that tempers will run very high. I wonder if the incoming mayor and council members might be in the audience. I also doubt that Jamison will be easily permitted to cloak the identify of his investors and future bosses.

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