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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
The article leaves the impression Clark was responsible for the illegal transactions because they came under her watch on the committee.... which wasn't true.
Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Impressions are subjective. I read the article and drew no such conclusion. Perhaps you want there to be a conspiracy to help you cope with the atomic thud left by Clark's re-election effort?


Nice back peddle. A contender used the ineptitude of the current Glendale council against the incumbent? Wow, that sure is an evil plot. Or maybe it's the most predictable thing ever. Clark was the only one naive enough to run again. The others all retired rather than exposing themselves to the scrutiny of an election.

I have to agree with CF here. Legend, if you get that impression from reading the article, I don't know what to say.

The audit said staff did not follow rules and regulations, or keep the Board of Trustees, which oversees the fund, informed about the transfers. However, the audit noted the council was told about one transfer before it happened and others afterward.

The board, which is chaired by Councilwoman Joyce Clark, was presented with the audit in early October.

Clark had said the board should have been better informed, according to a transcript of the board's Oct. 4 meeting.
My personal opinion is that Clark is an incompetent public servant, but that article did not reinforce my impression at all.

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