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11-09-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Yeah, but the flip side argument is that 90% or whatever it is of these guys aren't going to play in the NHL. They're teenage kids who shouldn't have to risk permanent damage playing a game. Etc, etc. Sometimes the suspensions do seem a bit heavyhanded to me, and sometimes I clearly don't see the same thing that Branch does on a given play, but I think he's coming at it with good intentions overall. I think it's better to err on the side of caution and protection where these kids are concerned. I'm not sure the message is really getting through to players, mind you, I'm not sure I see them playing much differently - just more/longer suspensions piling up - but that also doesn't mean it's not worth at least making the attempt.

A chacun son gout... end of the day Branch is clearly not taking his cue from any of us as fans and is just going to keep marching on with his agenda, so it's probably pointless by now to bemoan it too much, he's not wavering a bit. The games are still as enjoyable overall as ever IMHO.
How is it that the QMJHL and WHL don`t abide by the same policy as the OHL? isn`t Branch the Commisioner of the CHL (same league), but yet only OHL players get rediculously long suspensions. Branch is a hypocrite (again same league) on another hypocritical note Scott Layghton is suspended 10 games in the same league CHL, but yet the hypocrite Branch let`s Laughton play in the Subway Super Series, what a Freekin joke, Branch you are a pure phoney and hypocrite. Thanks for letting me vent

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