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11-09-2012, 11:45 AM
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Well.... last night was ****ing heartbreaking, for lack of a better term. Can blame it on so many things. I definitely blame Rafa for a stupid ****ing move, as he should have known not to do anything to get a 2nd yellow. He stays in the game, we keep the 11 on 10 advantage and DC likely doesn't get many more attempts (if any). Not to mention, the play they scored on was because of a defensive breakdown in the middle of the back line... exactly where he would have been playing had he been in (or subbed out prior to getting a 2nd yellow). Stupid. Also stupid for Backe not to sub him out. It was already after the 60th minute. They could have definitely subbed him out by then with no issue. I don't know why Miller took that kick. It will never make sense to me. I'm not faulting Cooper for anything with the PK. It was stopped. It happens. Doing the same exact thing may be slightly questionable, but again, the goalie just has to make a guess, and he happened to guess right in assuming he would do the same. It happens. If I really want to harp on coaching errors, I could also go back as far as the 1st leg and bash the idea of not playing Cooper. I know they didn't score any goals last night, but they really didn't have any in the first leg either with Le Toux playing (own goal... so I'm not fully counting it as their doing). Crazy game last night, but ****ing heartbreaking.

Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
You can wear shorts and jeans over them so you don't break your vow 'and' still avoid freezing
That's the easy way out. Not what I do. I stood there on Wednesday in the snow in my shorts, and did the same last night. Best part: for the 20+ minutes of warmups I stood out there, I didn't even wear a jacket A number of security guards or other personnel kept looking at me and asking if I was crazy. My favorite was on Wednesday when I was behind the home net shortly before warmups and one fan, covered head to toe with only his eyes exposed yelled at me "SHORTS!?!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ****ING MIND?!?!?!" I turned to him, smiled, and said I felt fine out there. Maybe I'm weird.

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Wow it's gonna be a messy game tonight. I do not envy people there. I'm cold just looking at it.
My only problem was the wind/snow blowing in my face. That made it tough. I was cool in shorts, I was fine when I wasn't wearing a jacket or anything. But the wind blowing in your face made it tough.

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It was just completely braindead to not call the game off already yesterday. Would have saved people's time, money and health.
JPP can confirm that on Wednesday I was saying at 3 or so that it should have been called then. Late morning/early afternoon was a lot of snow/rain mix with nothing accumulating. It was far worse outside the building than in because of the way the roof is constructed. While the rain/snow was blowing sideways outside, it came straight down without much wind over the field (surprisingly). There was enough wind to blow it towards the south ward, but nothing too bad. By 3, it was wet, heavy snow, and it was accumulating on the tarps. The few parts of the grass not covered by them were clearly water logged. While its not part of the playing surface that was exposed, its still something to note. My thing the whole day was call the game before the tarps come off, that way the field will be in great condition. Tarps had to come off by 4:30 (as it takes about an hour to get them all off), and then you saw all of the accumulation afterwards. There was too much snow that we couldn't re-tarp the field after it was called. But the groundscrew did an amazing job to get the field in the condition it was in last night. Some parts were a little soft, but honestly that happens all the time, especially in the areas by the sidelines/just off the playing surface. The field quality yesterday was about on par with any fall match you'll see in that building. They deserve a **** ton more credit than they get/have received for yesterday.

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I hope JPP and Scott made it home alright.
Indeed we did. For me, my drive is normally only about 30 minutes home. Took probably closer to 40-45 minutes going home Wednesday night, but rt. 280 wasn't that bad. Salt trucks were out, 2 of the 3 lanes were more than clear enough. Just slower, but not difficult. The only time I had any trouble was pulling into my driveway at home. My car was half in the street because I couldn't drive up that snow

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