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11-09-2012, 11:46 AM
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That's a silly and despotic rule. It definitely shows a lack of respect towards national languages. (To make it clear, I for one wouldn't object against Russian teams' continued use of Cyrillic on player jerseys.) I can't possibly see any harm in the use of diacritic letters on player jerseys. Forbidding to use them only shows ignorance, and in fact promotes ignorance. I've noticed quite a few Russian TV announcers mispronouncing the name of Slovan's goalkeeper Janus as "Januš". If Slovan players were allowed to use diacritic letters on their jerseys, both fans and announcers would soon notice that s = с and š = ш. A nice model of how to respect the proper spelling of player names from all around Europe has always been, see for example here. Fearing the use of diacritics is typically a sign of ignorance and of a failure to utilise the universal UTF-8 encoding to its full potential. KHL's webpages would do well to strive to emulate in its respectful internationalism.

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